UPDATE: Latest General Election predictions from Warwick 'Sweetometer'

A sweet shop in Warwick is once again holding a sugary poll for the upcoming General Election.

Thursday, 8th June 2017, 12:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 12:55 pm
Nigel Ackroyd, owner of Mary's Sweet Memories tTtq4LozLu8aCWDNW0T1

Nigel Ackroyd, who owns Mary’s Sweet Memories on Market Place, has brought back his sweet poll indicator “The Sweetometer”.

The idea behind the poll is that people can go into the shop and vote with their sweet purchase.

According to Nigel his poll accurately predicted the results and rankings of the 2015 General Election and the exact 52 per cent Brexit vote margin.

The Sweetometer in Mary's Sweet Memories

For the 2017 General Election, Nigel has chosen a variety of traditional sweets to indicate public opinion by monitoring the sales of the sweets up to the election day.

The contenders are:

Conservative – Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

Labour – Strawberry Bon Bons

The Sweetometer in Mary's Sweet Memories

Liberal Democrats – Acid Drops

Green Party – Watermelon Bon Bons

UKIP – Pint Pot Gummies

Nigel said: “I believe the BBC can now scrap The Swingometer, The Sweetometer is the future!”

“We are confident that we will make it three in a row, with a little help from the sweet lovers of Warwick.

“I would estimate at least 800 locals and visitors have taken part in the poll so far.

“Visitors to the town, who have the opportunity to vote for Boris Johnson, will be able to choose one of our unique products – “The Invisible Gobstopper” – which will be re-branded as ‘Mugwumps’ for the build up to the big day.”

The rankings of “The Sweetometer” as of the end of Wednesday June 7 were:

Blue Raspberry Bon Bons (Conservative): 46%

Strawberry Bon Bons (Labour): 41%

Acid Drops (Liberal Democrats): 3%

Watermelon Bon Bons (Green Party): 2%

Pint Pots (UKIP): 8%