Puppy has lucky escape after swallowing razor blade thanks to Warwick vets

The owners of an adorable puppy have thanked the emergency vets in Warwick who saved their pet's life after it swallowed a razor blade.

Monday, 8th October 2018, 5:51 pm
Updated Monday, 8th October 2018, 5:54 pm
A fully recovered Fenton with relieved owner Tao Radford and Avonvale veterinary surgeon Sara Silva.

Fenton, an 11-month-old springer spaniel/labrador cross, needed emergency night-time surgery at Avonvale Vets in Warwick to remove the blade and prevent it cutting into his intestines.

Senior veterinary surgeon Katie Wain, from Avonvale Veterinary Centres, said it was a close shave.

Katie explained: “Fenton was brought in just before 9pm as his owners were concerned that he may have eaten the head of a razor.

An x-ray showing the razor blade in Fenton's stomach

“He was admitted immediately, taken for an x-ray and straight away we could see the razor blade sat in his stomach.

“We couldn’t leave it there as it could have sliced open his stomach or intestines which would have been life-threatening. So he was anaesthetised and I removed the razor blade, and a lot of food, from his stomach.

“He was kept in overnight for further pain relief and monitoring and sent home the next day. He’s recovered really well and was back to his normal self within a week.

“Nevertheless, this case is a warning to all dog lovers and shows why we are always advising people about the dangers of their pets swallowing cones, stones, bulbs and all sorts of foreign objects.”

Fenton's owner Tao Radford, from Chipping Campden, was extremely relieved with the outcome. She said: “I can’t thank Katie and the staff at Avonvale enough for what they did that night.

“Fenton is so lucky they have the pet hospital in Warwick open 24/7 because the night team there got to work on him straight away.

“He’s a lucky lad because he definitely bit off more than he could chew that night.”