Warwick company offering free 'wellness challenge'

There will also be a month of 30-minute Facebook live presentations from 'experts' across the country

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 6:34 am

A company based in Warwick is offering a free 'wellness challenge' for residents to take part in.

This month marks a year since the UK entered its first national lockdown due to Covid-19.

Warwick online marketing company, Spaghetti Agency, has derived a challenge on its Facebook Group, 'Spaghetti Besties', in attempt to support its community during March.

Spaghetti Agency is encouraging the business community to move more and focus on self-care in March. Photo supplied

The agency has put together an event known as “Besties Wellness Month”, with the aim of encouraging members to move a little bit extra every day, to promote fitness and body/mind positivity.

There will also be a month of 30-minute Facebook live presentations from 'experts' across the country.

The experts will share their tips, advice, ‘how tos’, personal classes, and more, all based across the four different topics of the month; Move, Eat, Think, and Talk.

The topics include: personal training, mindset, finances, sales, communication, body image, meditation, laughter yoga, nutrition, dancing, and even a cook-along - amongst many others.

A spokesperson said: "There’s an emphasis on this challenge not being an overwhelming commitment; it’s all about creating some solid accountability and helping people to do something (even just a little) every day to improve their fitness and then feed their mind with uplifting and inspiring content from some knowledgeable, entertaining, and positive experts."

The challenge will be supported by AwardCity.co.uk who will provide the platform for the challenge as well as partake in giving out exciting weekly prizes and medals.

To join the challenge, search Spaghetti Besties on Facebook or go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpaghettiBesties