Trinity School pupils and parents hold protest in Leamington

St Peters church in Leamington
St Peters church in Leamington

Trinity pupils and parents have taken part in a protest "against the threat of erosion to the unique ethos" of the Leamington secondary school.

The protesters took their plight to St Peter’s church in Leamington where the pupils laid their placards respectfully at the steps of the altar.

In addition, on Monday this week, many parents kept their children off school in an attempt to persuade the Interim Executive Board (IEB) and the Senior Leadership Team of the school to reconsider their decisions, or even just meet with them to discuss the various decisions and changes recently made.

The IEB was introduced in August 2018 to help deal with deficit problems facing the school.

Many parents and students recognise the need for this, but object to the IEB now "making decisions that go beyond its remit".

Amongst the changes the IEB propose to make is the new school rule to no longer allow students to use first names when addressing teachers.

The protesters say this has been "an unusual but much-loved feature of Trinity life building trust and respect".

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