New cocktail bar proposal for Leamington town centre is refused planning permission

Planning permission has been refused for a proposal to open a new cocktail bar near the town hall in Leamington town centre.

Monday, 23rd December 2019, 5:00 am
Updated Monday, 23rd December 2019, 10:17 am

The application for a business called The Little Cocktail Bar to open in an office space on the first and second floors of 144A The Parade have been refused permission by Warwick District Council.

It was refused on grounds that it contravened one of the authority's planning policies.

A statement from the district council says: "Warwick District Council Local Plan 2011 - 2029 policy HS1 states that the potential for creating healthy, safe and inclusive communities will be taken into account when considering all development proposals.

The office space at 144A The Parade in Leamington for which the cocktail bar application was made.

"Development should design and layout development to minimise the potential for crime and anti-social behaviour and improve community safety.

"It is considered that it has not been demonstrated that the proposed change of use would minimise the potential for crime and anti-social behaviour and has not demonstrated that the development would improve community safety, which could be potentially worsened as a result of the proposal.

"The proposal is thereby considered to be contrary to the aforementioned policy."

The applicants can now make an appeal against the decision.

have said: "We are aiming to provide a sophisticated atmosphere in which high quality drinks are made and served with care and attention to detail to please connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

"The presence of cocktail bars around the world is so high. We believe they preserve a respect and admiration for spirits which is fading among modern 'quantity over quality bars'.

"Although cocktails can still be found in Leamington, we believe there is a calling for a higher-end more educational experience.

"We have chosen to bring this idea to life at 144A The Parade because we believe this quirky venue would allow us to introduce a speakeasy element.

"The nondescript front door on a busy high street would mean that people would have to be 'in the know' to know we are here.

"Customers would be 'booking only' or have to be let in the front entrance by a member of staff adding an element of exclusivity to the venue.

"The building and rooms themselves lend perfectly to our ideas of creating a sophisticated atmosphere with both the high ceilings and feature fireplaces adding amazing touches to the space."

Leamington Town Council had not objected to the application.

For more information about the application click here.