Leamington Society members have ambitious proposals for Newbold Comyn golf course

Members of The Leamington Society are seeking support for an ambitious proposal for the future of Newbold Comyn.

Monday, 3rd June 2019, 5:23 pm
Newbold Comyn golf course

Committee member Jef Aartse-Tuyn and Michael Bunney, also of the Warwickshire Wildlife trust, have published an article in the society’s May newsletter suggesting a health and wellbeing centre as a possible option for Warwick District Council to replace the now disused buildings which were part of the closed golf course at the comyn.

The council has already held a public consultation into the future of the golf course and has been analysing and assessing the responses in order to put together a list of recommendations for the site.

Mr Aartse-Tuyn and Mr Bunney have said: “There is a unique opportunity for Leamington to become a centre for health and wellbeing, building on its heritage and embracing Newbold Comyn - one of the town’s most valuable resources.

Newbold Comyn golf course

“In addition to meeting national concerns regarding health and wellbeing, the proposal has the potential to deliver substantial commercial benefits.

“Well researched evidence shows that engaging with the natural environment brings benefits to all aspects of health, including mental health and obesity.

“This proposal would encourage engagement through a range of practical activities.”

The centre would include seven themes: nature and wildlife, exercise and mindfulness, future diet, food production, countryside and rural skills, sustainability and renewable technologies and education and adult learning.

To support the proposal call 339085.