Kenilworth's St Nicholas church to hold eco open day

St Nicholas church
St Nicholas church

St Nicholas Church at Abbey Fields is set to hold an Eco Church Open Day next weekend.

The church, which recently registered as an Eco Church, will host the open day event from 10 am to 1pm on Saturday May 25.

The event involves a ‘bio-blitz’ survey of the wildlife of the churchyard, including the various flowers, trees, birds, butterflies and other insects. The open day will also include tea, coffee and cakes.

The church joins an Eco Church movement managed by a charity called A Rocha.

The initial focus of the Eco Church activities will be on the land around the church.

James Kennedy, the Eco Church coordinator, said: “St Nicholas Church is surrounded by a large churchyard, which is no longer used for burials, but contains a number of features of great historical interest in the Abbey ruins, some Commonwealth War Graves, and considerable biodiversity in terms of trees, flowers, insects, birds and bats.

“Working in collaboration with Warwick District Council (which maintains the churchyard) and neighbours we aim to manage the churchyard to enhance the biodiversity, conserve the historical and archaeological features and respect the memory of those who are buried or whose ashes are interred there.”

The open day event will also include discussion of a proposed Monk’s Herb Garden.

Mr Kennedy added: “The idea of the herb garden is to develop the area adjacent to the High Street as a small contemplative garden with the types of herbs and other plants that might have used by the monks in Kenilworth Abbey.

"We believe this will provide a new facility on the High Street and focus attention towards the church and the Abbey ruins.”