Leamington theatre appealing for help to travel to China after festival invite

A Leamington-based theatre company has the chance of a lifetime after being invited to perform in China - and is appealing to the public to help them get there.

Monday, 17th September 2018, 3:38 pm
Updated Monday, 17th September 2018, 3:43 pm
Heartbreak Productions have been invited to perform Romeo and Juliet at the Shanghai International Festival

Heartbreak Productions has been asked to perform Romeo and Juliet at the Shanghai International Arts Festival on Friday October 19, and eight actors are preparing to make the trip.

But while most of their costs have been covered, the group needs to raise £9,500 to pay for the actors’ time, props and costumes as well as visas and insurance to get them to China.

Artistic director Maddy Kerr said this was a special opportunity, and hoped it could pave the way for a theatre group from Shanghai to come and perform in Leamington.

The theatre company has appealed to the public to help get them there

She said: “One of the things about being part of an international festival is to share best practice with other theatre groups across the world and bring all that knowledge back.

“We could start a link between the company out in Shanghai. It opens all kinds of possibilities.”

The opportunity came about after Liu Li of MSL Performing Arts, which promote cultural exchange between China and the West, met Heartbreak Productions ten years ago.

It was hoped the company could perform in China back then, but the opportunity fell through.

But Maddy received a call from Li just five weeks ago asking if Heartbreak Productions could perform, much to their surprise.

Maddy added: “We weren’t expecting it. When we got the invite, we said ‘oh my God, of course! Let’s see what we can do.’ We’ve created a lovely version of Romeo and Juliet to perform.”

Anyone wishing to help send the group to China should click here