Kenilworth's clock tower could be fixed for good

Kenilworth clock tower's old mechanism could be permanently upgraded, Warwick District Council has said.

Thursday, 15th September 2016, 9:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:50 pm
Kenilworth's clock tower in The Square NNL-160208-164559001

A new ‘time adjustment device’ could be installed for around £500, although engineers have to determine if this option is feasible before it definitely happens.

The clock’s current mechanism was recently vandalised, which knocked it hours out of sync.

And although the tower was recently fixed in time for the siege celebrations in the August Bank Holiday, it was running five minutes fast until Wednesday September 14 when engineers had it re-adjusted.

At a recent meeting, the town council admitted it was too expensive to fix every time it runs fast or slow due to a call-out fee that had to be paid to engineers,

The town clerk confirmed the town council had appealed to the district council to see if it could upgrade the clock’s mechanism.

Cllr Dave Shilton said: “The clock needs to be maintained and kept in proper order.”

A spokesman for Warwick District Council said: “The clock was five minutes fast as once repaired the engineer could not tell if the vandals had damaged or moved anything else within the tower which throws it out of sync.

“The engineer is now looking at installing a quartz regulated time adjustment device or regulator which will automatically adjust the time to an in-built quartz clock and also adjust the time between summer and winter times.

“This will cost circa £500 if it is possible. We will look at it further once the engineer has looked into the feasibility of this.”