Kenilworth people rally round to help cat with many names

Mittens aka Tiger, Wonky Tail, Graveyard Cat, Stumpy Cat, Toughy and more.
Mittens aka Tiger, Wonky Tail, Graveyard Cat, Stumpy Cat, Toughy and more.

Cats are supposed to have ‘nine lives’ but one free roaming feline in Kenilworth is also known by many different names and has captured the hearts of townspeople who have rallied round to help him in a time of need.

Male tabby Mittens, as he was named by his previous owners on his microchip before he refused to regularly return to his registered address five years ago, was injured when he was attacked by a dog a few weeks ago.

Mittens aka Tiger, Wonky Tail, Graveyard Cat, Stumpy Cat, Toughy and more.

Mittens aka Tiger, Wonky Tail, Graveyard Cat, Stumpy Cat, Toughy and more.

A social media-led search for the animal was started by a woman who witnessed the attack and the cat, also known by residents of the area around St Nicholas Avenue where he likes to roam as Tiger, Wonky Tail and Graveyard Cat because he is often seen at the cemetery, was taken by Charlotte Billyeald to Vets4Pets in Leamington.

Charlotte, who is one of several residents who would often let Mittens sleep at her house when he pleased, said: “I had phoned the RSPCA and they had given me a number and sent me to Vets for Pets as this is where the charity said they would pay for his basic first aid.

“He had several puncture wounds under his rear leg, was lame in his front and back leg and was very bruised and swollen.

“At the vets he received anti-inflammatories and pain killers and was admitted for observation.

“The cat is still at the vets.

“I have found a new owner who will take responsibility for him - they live at the house he returned to when he was injured.

“ This will mean that he can stay in the area he knows so well.

“He provides so much love to people and brings a lot of light into their lives so they are very excited to have him back.

“I will be supporting them in looking after him.

“The vets have been overwhelmed by the response and have enjoyed hearing about how everyone knows him.”

Donations made by those who know the cat have now reached over £120 and will go towards the bill for his care.

The RSPCA has already covered the initial £50 cost of the first aid.

Charlotte said she is also hoping to provide a ‘care package’ for the family which has agreed to take Mittens in which would include a cat flap so he can continue to come and go as he pleases.

Comments made about Mittens on social media posts about the fundraising campaign have shown people’s love and appreciation for him.

One poster said: “Stumpy Cat often followed us and came for some fuss when we were around the cemetery area - hope he gets to stay.

Another said: “I used to feed him on Oaks Road but have now moved.

“He is a lovely cat.

“I used to call him Twister because of his tail - he visited us nearly every night hope he gets better soon.”

Another said: “I love how everyone has their own name for him.

“He’s Wonky Cat in our house.”

And someone else added: “Me and my friend named him Toughy after the accident - so glad he’s getting better.”

Vets4Pets said that Mittens could soon be taken to his new home.

To enquire about making a donation towards his care call the vets on 01926 310430.