Kenilworth mum spreading love to charity runners around the world with homemade hearts

Louise Scrivener with one of her crocheted hearts
Louise Scrivener with one of her crocheted hearts

A Kenilworth mum has been spreading love to people around the world taking on a charity running challenge by sending them homemade crocheted hearts.

Last year, Louise Scrivener took on 'RED January' for mental health charity Mind. The challenge involves running every day throughout January, a month which can often leave people feeling down.

Louise has sent her hearts as far away as Australia

Louise has sent her hearts as far away as Australia

Louise, mum to Max, 12, and Henry, nine, followed other people trying RED January on the challenge's Facebook page.

Reading other people's stories inspired Louise to try and spread the love even further and reassure people that they are not alone.

So alongside getting her running shoes out, Louise also got out her crochet hook and sent out 150 little crocheted hearts to people who wanted to receive one themselves, or wanted them for a loved one or a friend in need.

Louise said: "One of the worst things about mental health issues is the person feels like they're on their own. But they're not - it's just not true.

"So I said if anyone needed reminding that they're not alone, I'll send them one of my hearts."

Louise decided to try RED January again this year, and the popularity of her hearts skyrocketed.

She decided to offer not only single hearts, but also packs of five for people to leave along their run for others to find and take home with them. Louise has had help from her friends and family, but she has still been 'overwhelmed' with the demand.

So far this year, Louise has sent out over 2,000 hearts to people up and down the country and even as far as France, the USA and Australia.

Louise is also leaving hearts around Kenilworth for people to find as a way of cheering them up. She is also encouraging recipients of her hearts to do the same.

Louise said: “I’ve been blown away by the lovely messages and how touched people are when they receive their little heart in the post – and if I can give a little bit of happiness at a time when someone needs to be reminded that they’re not alone then I will keep going.

"Kindness doesn't have to be a big gesture - it can just be saying 'I'm here - I've got your back.'

“It’s been overwhelming this year though so I’ve been lucky enough to have support from some amazing people who have come forward offering their help in different ways, by making hearts, writing labels, donating wool and providing stamps.”

Louise is now crowdfunding to pay for the cost of posting her hearts out to people.

Anyone wishing to help Louise and her growing supporters to help share the love should get in touch via her Instagram page @takeheartxo, or should visit her fundraising page