Kenilworth artist who only took up art in her fifties getting own exhibition

A Kenilworth artist who only started her work in her fifties is getting her own exhibition in the town.

Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 12:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 12:31 pm
Toni Peach, aka Ella Stardust, only took up art recently. She is soon to have her own exhibition in Kenilworth

Toni Peach, 54, uses recycled materials such as frames, books, magazines, old photographs and postcards, to create collages.

Her work, under the alias 'Ella Stardust', will be displayed at an exhibition at The Gallery in Smalley Place entitled 'Transformation'.

She hopes her exhibition will show people that anyone can take up art and be successful.

An example of Toni's work - 'Time Flies Glamorously'

Toni said: "I always wanted to do something artistic but I felt you had to be a painter or something. But anybody can do it.

"I think it's sort of like my therapy - it keeps me sane."

Toni only recently came back to Kenilworth after spending a long time in India and Eastern Europe. While there she often took photos documenting her travels.

She decided to move back to Kenilworth after the birth of her grandson.

'Big Wings'

But the bad English weather meant Toni missed her time abroad, and she needed a way to fill the void after she stopped taking photos.

This inspired her to get creative even though she had never really been artistic before.

She said: "I only started doing this artwork when I came back - all of a sudden I started to create art.

"Creating artwork fills the time that was previously spent creating travel photography during mytime away.

An example of Toni's work - 'Time Flies Glamorously'

"This artwork has been created solely using recycled materials all found in flea markets of Eastern Europe, English car boot sales, charity shops, and recycling centres.

"This body of work has been extremely therapeutic and a channel for self expression."

The 'Transformation' exhibition features many pieces incorporating butterflies, which Toni says are a great example of metamorphosis and change.

It opens on Tuesday April 24 and ends on Sunday June 17. Entry is free.

'Big Wings'