Fare shake-up for Stagecoach bus services in Warwickshire

Stagecoach has announced it will be shaking up its bus fares for Warwickshire.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 10:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 11:02 am
Stagecoach has announced that it will be shaking up their fares across the county. Photo supplied by Stagecoach.

The bus operator has announced a shake up of their fares, which come into effect on the April 14. There are a number of price decreased but some have increased.

Stagecoach has extended the age that someone can buy a child/young person ticket from 15 to under 19 and the price is around 25 per cent off the adult price (subject to some rounding).

There is no longer a time restriction applied to when singles, returns and day tickets can be purchased removing the previous 9am restriction.

Stagecoach has announced that it will be shaking up their fares across the county. Photo supplied by Stagecoach.

From mid July, seven day and 28 day young people tickets will be introduced at 25 per cent off the adult price and be available all year.

Studyrider, which provides travel throughout the term will also offer a bigger discount in the new 2019/20 academic year increasing the discount from 20 per cent to 25 per cent.

There will also be changes to the services in Leamington and Warwick.

Day travel and commuter tickets in Leamington and Warwick are being reduced by up to nearly 10 per cent, so commuters can save customers 50p on a single day ticket .

The seven day pass are also being reduced to £16.50 and 28 day tickets will be reduced by £3 to £62.

However Stagecoach have said that in order to allow these fares to come down, there are some increases to seven day and 28 day Leamington plus tickets, which provide travel from Leamington to places like Kenilworth and Hatton Park The seven day ticket will now cost £23.50 and a 28 day ticket will cost £89.

The one day ticket will fall by 60p to £8.20.

Changes have also been made to the service which runs between Kenilworth and Coventry.

The Coventry megarider has been expanded to encompass the current megarider Plus zone meaning that people travelling from Coventry and Bedworth to places like Kenilworth and Binley Woods can now can buy a Coventry megarider and save 23 per cent off a seven day ticket and 17 per cent off a 28 day ticket.

The new larger Coventry meagrider zone will be priced at £4.50 for a one day ticket, £16.50 for a seven day ticket and £62 for a 28 day ticket.

There are also a number of fare increases.

Fares in Stratford are being increased by around 2.5 per cent but the Dayrider plus, which provides travel from Stratford to Wellesbourne, Alcester and Bidford is frozen at £8.20.

The megarider Gold ticket which is used to travel throughout Warwickshire is going up 20p for a day, £1 for seven days and £3 for 28 days. The megarider Country which is only regularlypurchased by approximately 25 people is being withdrawn.

All singles will be increased by 10p and all returns by 20p.Phil Medlicott, Managing Director, Stagecoach Midlands said: ”This is a huge undertaking for our business with thousands of customers benefiting from the review. It’s common in thecurrent economic climate to see products and services becoming more expensive but rare to see prices dropping by a massive 23 per cent.

“We looked at our fares as a whole and tried to ensure that, although we had to put some fares up, there are more people who will see their fares change positively following this reviewthan any previous fares review we've carried out.

“Young people are amongst the biggest winners with the age range increased from 15 to under 19, we need to ensure that we encourage young people to stay with public transport tohelp tackle the catastrophic congestion we see on the roads throughout our cities and towns."

Stagecoach has also said that the introduction of contactless to its buses late last year is having a positive effect for passengers allowing them to pay using debit cards, credit cards and mobilephone.

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