Controversial speed humps coming to Leyes Lane outside Kenilworth School

Controversial speed humps will be coming to Leyes Lane outside Kenilworth School, despite criticism from many nearby residents.

Wednesday, 28th June 2017, 2:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:40 am
Leyes Lane
Leyes Lane

Five flat-topped speed bumps will now be installed across the full width of the road, along with two ‘raised junctions’ with Keeling Road and Ilam Park, and a permanent 20 mph limit. It will cost the taxpayer around £85,000.

At a Warwickshire County Council meeting on Wednesday June 21, several residents said it was parents’ parking that caused most of the safety issues rather than drivers’ speed.

Many also felt the proposals were not good value for money because of the Kenilworth School’s likely move in the near future.

But Cllr Jeff Clarke, portfolio holder for transport and environment, decided to approve the proposals as recommended by officers.

He said: “I think to ignore these recommendations and proposals would have been folly. The council has a duty to ensure the safety of the young, and the elderly.

“Obviously I recognised the concerns of local residents but you have to look at the wider picture.”

And despite the likelihood of Kenilworth School moving, Cllr Clarke felt the plans still represented value for money and said you could not make a decision based on what ‘might happen’.

He added: “You have to look at the issue at the present time and address them as best you can. The safety of the schoolchildren is paramount.”

The plans came about after a school safety taskforce, led by former county councillor John Whitehouse, found Kenilworth School had a much higher accident rate than others in the county.

Five children have been injured in the last six years on the road.

At the meeting, Mr Whitehouse said the taskforce felt the speed humps and new limit were ‘absolutely necessary’ to improve safety.