Politics, morals and manipulation

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A TV comedy classic from the 1980s will take centre stage at the Priory in Kenilworth with Yes, Prime Minister.

The sequel to Yes, Minister, they both drew in millions of viewers who enjoyed the comedic battles of wit and guile between politicians who think they run the country – and the Civil Service and Whitehall Mandarins, who know they run the country.

In the Priory production the UK is in crisis – debt is spiralling, unemployment is on the rise and the fragile coalition cabinet, led by Prime Minister Jim Hacker, is at breaking point.

But salvation may exist in the form of a complex pipeline deal with the oil-rich country of Kumranistan that would entitle the Government to a
 multi-million pound loan.

When the Kumranistan Foreign Secretary makes a shocking request of Jim’s Private Secretary, Bernard Woolley, moral considerations collide with the economic future of the nation.

But how will Jim and his team reconcile the two? Political machinations, media manipulation and an appeal for divine intervention ensue.

The part of the Prime Minister is played by Alan Wales, his Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey by Ian Donnelly, Claire Sutton by Lynda Lewis and Bernard by Dan Cowan.

Director Anita Dalton said: “This is a very experienced local cast with professional experience as well.

“Rehearsals started early to enable the cast to learn the words and develop the characters.

“We have a beautiful set of the inside of Chequers, the PM’s private residence built by Richard Poynter and the Priory team.

“Whilst this is a fictional play, recent newspaper headlines could have come from this script!”

The production runs from February 11-21.

For tickets phone the box office on 01926 863334.