Make a date with The Wicker Man at Compton Verney for open-air screening

The film will be shown in the grounds of Compton Verney
The film will be shown in the grounds of Compton Verney

A perfect night for horror fans is in store when cult classic The Wicker Man is screened after dark at Compton Verney this month.

The 1973 film has left an indelible mark on generations of film fans and will be shown at the venue on on Friday May 19.

The Wicker Man is set on a remote Scottish island lairded over by Christopher Lee’s Lord Summerisle.

The film strands a policeman played by Edward Woodward among a neo-pagan community where blood sacrifice, passion and lust collide in the mist.

At the time of its release, The Wicker Man was remarkable for not following the path of British horror’s usual preoccupations. It avoids gratuitous scares and gore, instead being infused with a disquieting tension and eroticism.

Compton Verney director Professor Steven Parissien said: “It’s the perfect night out for horror fans.

“The film will be shown from 9pm, when the moon is out and the dark night is upon us. You’ll be surrounded by the landscape, with the wind rustling through the trees and the shriek of foxes adding to the atmosphere.”

The venue’s major summer exhibition Creating the Countryside echoes the underlying theme of the film as man struggling with the natural world.

The film has a 15 rating. Tickets cost £16. Call 645500 or visit to book.