Five of the best things to do in and around Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth in the next seven days

A Month of Sundays at the Priory Theatre in Kenilworth
A Month of Sundays at the Priory Theatre in Kenilworth

From characterful comedy to family-friendly stand-up, there's much to enjoy...

A Month of Sundays, Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, February 11 to 16
Cooper, a slightly grumpy old man, uses humour to cope with everyday life in a nursing home. He and best friend Aylott spend their days planning their escape to Switzerland in among games of chess, flirting with Nurse Wilson, banter with no-nonsense cleaner Mrs Baker and awkward monthly Sunday visits by Cooper’s daughter Julia and son-in-law Peter. When Bob Larbey’s A Month of Sundays premiered in 1985, it won the Evening Standard award for best new comedy. Known for his television sitcoms The Good Life and A Fine Romance, A Month of Sundays is further evidence of his gift for developing strong characters.

Andrew Lawrence: Clean, Spa Centre, Leamington, February 8
Andrew Lawrence, star of Live at The Apollo and Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow, and UK comedy’s foremost contrarian, takes a break from all the controversy in this new show. No politics, no religion, no smut, no swearing – just jokes and good clean fun.

Messy, Bridge House Theatre, Myton Road, Warwick, February 10
Described as “a messy show for messy kids with messy brains”, Messy tells the story of Daisy, who is chosen to look after Mr Twiggy the class hamster. Daisy and the rest of her class worry she might lose him. So she’s very glad when best friend Beth decides to stay over to lend a hand. But things don’t quite go to plan. Multi-award winning Zoo Co present a magical and visual story complete with original music, puppets, tap dancing and even a trip to the moon, all the while celebrating the stories that explode from “the mess”. Daisy has ADHD, with the show performed by a deaf and hearing cast with Sign Supported English. Messy has been created with the ADHD Foundation and audiences are welcome to stand up, sit down, wriggle around, leave or come back in when they need. There are no loud noises and house lights will stay on in the theatre.

Family concert, Ensemble 360, Spa Centre, Leamington, February 10
Ensemble 360 return for their ever-popular family concert. Giddy Goat, by Paul Rissmann, is ideal for the age group three to seven but promises to be fun for everyone, offering a great opportunity to introduce the young to the joys of concert-going. The story, by Jamie Rix and Lynne Chapman, tells of a mountain goat that is scared of heights, with the tale narrated by Esther Sheridan.

Lucy Porter: Pass It On, Warwick Arts Centre, February 10
The ever-likeable comic explores the concepts of heritage and tradition in her new show. Lucy inherited global warming, dodgy knees and a terrifying collection of glass clowns from her mum and dad, so now she is thinking about the legacy she is going to leave. Expect Lucy to employ her characteristic mix of personal anecdotes, political observation and philosophical musing to entertain and challenge her audience.