Exploring the complexity of abusive relationships in play at Warwick theatre

Grace Martin appears in Stockholm
Grace Martin appears in Stockholm

An intense adult drama described as “a voyage into relationship hell” comes to the Dream Factory in Warwick from tonight (Friday).

Stockholm, written by Bryony Lavery and directed by Playbox Theatre’s artistic director Emily Quash, is a rare opportunity to see an example of the company’s adult range of work.

Lynton Appleton

Lynton Appleton

The play takes its name from Stockholm Syndrome and the extreme behaviour found between captors and hostages that can be applied to abusive relationships.

Bryony said: “Stockholm was inspired by an incident that happened in a shared house I lived in.

“I was fascinated by the complex relationship a couple had with outsiders. We talked about the fine line an abusive couple might tread and the effect that has on their friends. We wanted to create a show where the audience were those friends.”

Originally staged by acclaimed physical theatre company Frantic Assembly, this new production by Playbox features Lynton Appleton and Grace Martin as Todd and Kali.

The play was described by the Guardian as “up there with the best of the year so far” and “a terrifyingly erotic and haunting 70 minutes, watching two people hurtling towards disaster”.

The play is suitable for ages 16 and above.

It runs until tomorrow (Saturday). Call 419555 to book.