Townscape reflected in artist’s threads and stitches

Michala Gyetvai's sea of grass
Michala Gyetvai's sea of grass

ABBEY Fields has been recreated with threads and fibres by a Kenilworth artist whose work is inspired by the many beauty spots in the town.

In her first solo exhibition called Seas of Grass, at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Michala Gyetvai shows artworks, created entirely from threads and stitches, including Abbey Fields and Tears of the Forest.

Michala Gyetvai's sea of grass

Michala Gyetvai's sea of grass

Abbey Fields, is based on an early morning walk in the fields where Mrs Gyetval took photographs and made sketches capturing “the sunlight casting long shadows and illuminating the grass, trees and foreground meadowsweet”, while Tears of Forest, is based on a tunnel of trees opposite Kenilworth castle.

The mother of two, who lives in Queen’s Road, said: “Kenilworth is the location for much of my subject matter, so I feel very lucky to live in an area with so much inspiration.

“My love of art and textiles began as a child as I used to spend hours playing with threads and fibres, and I would dye material with blackberries and onions.

“I now twist fibres and use thick wool, crocheted cotton, and fine silks to create a landscape.

“Some of the fibres I collected as a child are actually in my pieces displayed at the Herbert.”

Mrs Gyetvai left her job in retail five years ago to work as an art and design technician at a school in Coventry. This move has allowed her to spend much more time on her “true passion”.

She said: “I have really been working hard on my art over the last five years and my life now has to fit in around my work and not the other way around.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the interest I have received in my work and for the opportunity I have been given at The Herbert.

“It has all really taken off lately as I made the front cover of the Embroiderers’ Guild, and I have started a blog, which is giving me more confidence.

“My dream would be to reach a point where my art work can support me and my family so I can put all my time and energy into it.

“At some point in the future, if I had the time, I’d really like to start workshops in Kenilworth as well.

“But for now I’m just going to continue working and be grateful for what I’ve achieved so far.”