Ride ride in to Birmingham to perform shoegaze classic

Ride frontman Andy Bell
Ride frontman Andy Bell

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Nowhere, Oxford four-piece Ride will be performing their acclaimed debut album in full at The Institute in Birmingham on Thursday evening.

The gig will bring the curtain down on a nine-date tour that sees the Oxford four-piece run through a classic set-list before performing Nowhere from start to finish.

Originally released on October 15 1990, Nowhere featured classic tracks including Vapour Trail, Polar Bear and Dreams Burn Down and claimed Creation Records’ first UK top 75 album, peaking at number 11.

Regarded as one of the greatest albums of the shoegaze era, frontman Andy Bell said he was looking forward to reacquainting himself with some of the lesser-known tracks.

“I’m so excited about playing Nowhere in full,” said the former Beady Eye guitarist.

“We are going with the 11-track CD track listing, not just the eight tracks from the original vinyl. So the set will end with the title track on every gig of the UK tour, which is going to sound epic.

“I didn’t realise how few times we’d actually played most of the songs. And of course we have never played the album in its original track order before.

“We have been throwing in versions of some of the songs at our US dates but the majority of the preparation for these shows was done during rehearsals in London in-between our festival shows this summer.

“I’m especially buzzing about how Kaleidoscope is sounding. It’s going to be amazing playing it for the first time.

“All in all, it’s a big deal to us, and we haven’t been certain we could pull it off until now.

He added: “We as a band are so proud of the album and we are aware that fans have been campaigning for us to perform it in full on this tour but it’s only now that we are sure we can do the album justice.”

Ride will release Nowhere25 on November 6, a CDand DVD release featuring the expanded 15-track album alongside the live recording of their concert at London’s Town & Country Club in March 1991 that until recently had been lost in the archives.

For ticket information, log on to http://www.ridemusic.net or http://www.facebook.com/rideox4