Review: A Sunday night in the company of O’Doherty is not too bad

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David O’Doherty, Warwick Arts Centre, February 8

There is always a frenzy in our office when the new season of shows are revealed by Warwick Arts Centre. Often, by the time the list gets to me, there are few blanks spaces with which to ink in my name.

David O’Doherty was chosen solely on a few panel show sightings, a neatly trimmed beard and the absence of any name next to his listing. Mainly the last one.

But that was a long time ago and I had to be reminded at last minute that the university campus was to be my destination last Sunday night.

A Sunday night, what was I thinking? As O’Doherty observed, there were so many things I could have been checking, rather than leave the virtual world to view the Irish comedian.

However, the comedian said he was up for it (and who wouldn’t be after a lasagne?) and you could not fail to be engaged by his keyboard-based ditties and musings on his search for happiness.

An encore was granted, only in small part due to exits being shrouded in darkness, and he saved some of his most laugh-out-loud moments for this section.

He may not have found the secret of happiness, but as this night showed, he certainly stumbled on the definition of ‘not too bad’.

Rating 7/10

By Paul Okey