County bowls ladies enjoy first win back - and coach adventure!

By Jenny Corn

Friday, 18th June 2021, 6:14 am
Updated Friday, 18th June 2021, 6:16 am
Warwickshire's highest winning rink against Bedfordshire
Warwickshire's highest winning rink against Bedfordshire


At last, 22 months after their last County match and on a warm sunny day, Warwickshire ladies set off on a coach, socially distanced and wearing masks, in order to see how they would get on against their opponents, Bedfordshire. The coach journey was uneventful – that is until they reached the lane where the club was situated to find that the turning space at the top was occupied so the driver had to reverse about half a mile up a narrow lane with parked cars, twice, as he then had to park elsewhere and come back to pick everyone up – it was an impressive piece of driving! The trip was worth the journey as Warwickshire won 114-94

Highest winning rink went to skip Debbie Bloxham with Sharon Keal, Linda Linney (all Stratford), and Wendy Hobbis (Welford) who just slowly eased their way into a 13-3 lead by 10 ends and were determined not to let their opponents get a look in, winning 21-7.

Vivienne Belt, Jenny Wickens and Jean Williams

The only other winning rink was skipped by Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry) with Velisa Brown (Southam), Christine Harding and Pat Lowe (both Rugby Thornfield) who romped away to lead 9-1 on 5 ends and although their opponents started to pull back they were never really threatened and finished with a 27-14 win.

Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Sigrid Thomas (Rugby Thornfield), Di Wilkinson (Stoke) and Margaret Colvin (Snitterfield) started slowly but 6 shots on the 4th end gave them the encouragement they needed and although they were fairly evenly balanced for the rest of the game a further 5 shots on the last end gave them the win 18-17.

Jenny Corn with Jayne Henfrey (both Lillington), Heather Tredgold (Southam) and Cynthia Briggs (RLS) definitely played a game of two halves, the first half going to the visitors who lead 14-1 at 9 ends when the opposition put their foot down and the tables with turned with the home team winning 18-19.

Yvonne Bromfield (Rugby Thornfield) with Vivienne Belt (Sherwood Park), Jean Williams (Stratford) and Jenny Wickens (RLS) started slowly as their opponents went ahead leaving them trailing 8-20 at 13 ends, but a strong finish enabled them to pull back to a final score of 19-21.

Vivienne Belt receives her blazer badge from county president Mary Wheildon

Chris Cooke (Southam) with Pippa Mace (Lillington), Helen Harris (Stoke) and Mary Wheildon (Warwick Boat Club) were evenly matched throughout the game finishing just 5 shots adrift 11-16.

Although Covid restrictions prevented the usual meal after the game the club had socially distanced everyone inside and out and the President was able to award Colt Badges to Wendy Hobbis and Jenny Wickens together with a Blazer Badge to Vivienne Belt.

Jenny Wickens received her Colt badge from county president Mary Wheildon