Youths warned after anti-social behaviour

GV - Abbey End NNL-150616-222832009
GV - Abbey End NNL-150616-222832009

Teenagers have been banned from a sandwich shop and warned over anti-social behaviour in Abbey End as police to step up patrols through the summer.

As well as one young offender being charged with criminal damage, 18 “banning letters” have been issued by the Subway sandwich shop and anti-social behaviour letters sent out by police.

The figures for the past four months were reported to the Kenilworth Community Forum, where Sgt David Kettle said 30 patrols of Abbey End area have been carried out to stamp out unruly behaviour.

He also assured that with a predicted rise in problems over the summer, dedicated patrols would be carried out in Abbey Fields to crack down on drinking, noise and nuisance.

Speaking about letters issued to youngsters this year, he said: “This has reduced the problem a lot.

“Letters are basically the lowest tier of intervention to make parents and the child aware they have been involved in some level of nuisance.

“It is not about formal sanction but about making these young people think about their actions and where they may end up.”

Sergeant Kettle told the forum that while overall crime has gone down, burglaries in Knights Meadow and Burton Green have continued - despite 50 dedicated patrols in the village to deter offenders.

The issue of vehicles parking on pavements and across driveways in Malthouse Lane was also raised, with claims of a worsening problem since the introduction of charges at Abbey Fields car park.

Warwickshire County councillor John Whitehouse said issues would require joint working with the council and police. Double yellow lines along Malthouse Lane are also being considered.

Following concerns raised at the forum, police will patrol Guy Road and Knights Meadow in an effort to give advice on tackling burglaries.

Police will also continue to address residents’ concerns over parking at Tainters Hill and Lower Ladyes Hill.