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September 2, 2016: Some of this week’s letters

Enjoyable events mark anniversary

I visited the free siege celebrations event in Abbey Fields on Saturday morning unsure exactly what I would find except for the advertised Parliament and afternoon events (reading of Dictum etc).

The range of knowledgeable exhibitors demonstrating ancient crafts was very impressive and the musicians’ performance enjoyable. Some participants had travelled a long way just for the day.

In addition there were interesting local/national ‘preservation’ organisations - Tantara Gatehouse, Abbey Fields, the Open Spaces Society - information about future local events and delicious local food - wild boar burgers, and beer. Congratulations to those involved in organising this part of the event and what a shame there were so few other people appreciating it.

Pippa Austin, via email

Let’s pick up the challenge

In reply to Bryan Ferriman’s letter in the KWN last week. We do indeed live in a democracy and the majority of the electorate voted leave. You can’t simply have a rerun over and over until you get the result that you prefer, just as the SNP would like to do in Scotland.

He mentions that three quarters of our elected representatives supported the remain vote. The fact that our esteemed Prime Ministers (current and previous), the leaders of just about all of the various political parties except UKIP, supported remain. Doesn’t this prove how out of touch with the electorate they all are?

Mr Ferriman talks about: ‘irreparable damage to our economy’, ‘presenting an honest case’, ‘democracy has been the loser’ and finally ‘ indulging in mistruths’. Sounds like a continuation of the failed scare tactics used by the remain camp to me. Isn’t it time to change the script?

As a traditional Conservative voter (OK, I confess sometimes Liberal), I voted with head, heart and feet, Great Britain is just that; A great country which should not be ruled by an unelected body based in another country. That’s my opinion, which happens to be the same as the majority in the UK.

Everyone should look forward with optimism, we are in control of our own destiny. If we fail, it’s our fault, Politicians can’t blame the EU, can’t hide behind EU bureaucratic nonsense anymore, they are accountable to us, the electorate. Let’s pick up the challenge and create a Great Britain which stands proud and prospers. It doesn’t make us less European, just that we govern ourselves again. Like it or not, June 23 2016, democracy in this country spoke. You can’t pick and choose the bits you like. Let’s get on with it and stop talking ourselves down.

Richard Spencer, Rounds Hill, Kenilworth