Wider choice of housing needed

When Kenilworth comes top of any league table for growth it should be a cause for celebration. So when it was reported earlier this month that average house prices had increased faster in Kenilworth than anywhere else in the country, we should be pleased.

In the six months to December 2014 house prices in the town rose 6.37 % and the average house price is now £350,377 (source Zoopla). If this increase is demand-driven and solely because more people want to come to live here because of the welcome we give them and the strong community base, then we should do all we can to continue this welcome and to sustain our community activities.

However, there is a serious downside to these figures. The more that house prices rise in Kenilworth the harder it is for first and even second time buyers to move here. A thriving town is one which has a good supply of all types of homes including suitable, quality, affordable properties, especially for younger people and young families. This must be reflected in the plans for our new housing estates. Big houses may mean big profits, but we mustn’t let developers just build more detached, executive houses.

Richard Dickson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Kenilworth & Southam