Why change times for collection?

Could Royal Mail explain to us why the collection times for Coventry Road and Lakin Road post boxes have changed from 4.30pm to 9am Mondays to Fridays and from 11.30am to 7am on Saturdays. This means that if you put a first class stamp on your mail you must post it early on the morning or take it to the post box the night before collection, leave it there over night where it may be vandalised, then it will be at least two days before your mail is delivered.

We cannot see the logic of this at all; we have been told by the sorting office that this is for the convenience of the post men who are delivering the post as they can collect the mail on their way back to the depot. We do not get any delivery in Coventry Road before 10.30am and sometimes not until 4pm weekdays and from 9am on Saturdays so we find this difficult to understand how any advantage is gained at all.

We are also told that these mail boxes are not very busy; this is hard to believe as it is on a busy road and at the entrance to the station.

We are also very disappointed that the post box has disappeared from Warwick Sainsburys, while we note that one is still in operation in Tesco, Warwick.

Apparently Leamington still has afternoon collections at a reasonable time eg. 3.30pm onwards.

We constantly use Royal Mail, but wonder just what Royal Mail’s priorities are at the present time.

Thelma and Tony Atkins, Coventry Road, Warwick