Who will defend our interests?

We read about the 12,300 new homes the Government, passing the buck, intends to impose on us. That may well mean 40,000 more people and 15,000 more cars.

But our small towns, inevitably restricted by history and geography, have reached their natural limits. If these limits are crossed the towns will certainly be less pleasant. They will face sharp decline. Already the roads are vulnerable to grid-lock.

Our over-mighty ministers have kindly permitted us one recourse: the Local Plan. With it we can do something to resist; without it nothing.

But our council does not have a Local Plan. It has been delayed, and the chief executive has used extraordinary powers to delay it further.

The chief executive is an able and energetic man. He is also a civil servant, subject to elected councillors whose responsibility is to secure the town’s best interests.

If the members of the council neglect their responsibility who else can protect us from the casual impositions of Westminster?

R.P. Taylor, St Mary’s Terrace, Leamington