We are now a town with its own tea

Tim Grinell is to be congratulated for his enthusiasm for the restoration of the mere (Letters last week).

However, the major questions are - where is the floodwater that currently collects beside the castle to go and who will accept responsibility if the answer is the homes built on and around the floodplain since Cromwell’s troops drained the mere?

The town and English Heritage could do far more to attract visitors to the town without having to find a commercial partner to fund the restoration of the mere. I have started this process by importing the tea that is named after the town from the Kenilworth Tea Garden in Sri Lanka. Forget “Yorkshire Tea” because Kenilworth genuinely is a “Town with its own Tea”. Some businesses in the town have already embraced this idea and all that is required is more support to spread the message of the “Town with its own Tea”.

The mere has been restored on the back of the tea packets and the tea and Sri Lankan Elephants will be available to buy at the switch on of the Christmas Lights on Friday. - Peter Cooke, via email.