Thanks to mystery man clearing ford

I don’t know who the individual is, but if it hasn’t already been said, I believe a big thank you is in order!

I have seen a gentleman regularly clearing debris away from the castle side of the ford which allows storm water to flow under the road. He has even taken to clearing the bank back to the original concrete balustrades which has, over years of neglect by the council, built up with silt and hence restricted the flow.

It’s interesting to note, the ford has thus far only flooded once this winter and when it did, the water level subsided very quickly! After this flood, this Good Samaritan returned and cleared the debris away in readiness for the next inevitable flood.

Bearing in mind elections are heading our way, perhaps we should be asking ourselves why is the council planning to spend tens of thousands of pounds installing automated barriers/signs etc to alert drivers who are passing though the town of an impassible flood instead of simply maintaining the pipes in order to allow flood water to dissipate quickly? What benefit to Kenilworth residence are signs? We all know the ford is there and its part of what makes Kenilworth charming. Spend our money on something residents want. I for one would like to see the replanting of kerb side trees as is the council policy in Leamington... but Kenilworth doesn’t have any funding for this. Bizarre!

Rumour has it - and this is only rumour - that the council has written to the kind man who has been clearing the ford from debris, ordering him to stop. Please, I sincerely hope this isn’t true. I for one simply want to say: “Thank you whoever you are!”

Perhaps our councillors would like to comment? Which of you want to waste money putting up automated signs and which would like to thank our local resident for doing what the council should be doing?! And is there any truth in the rumour that this local resident has been asked to stop? Sounds like bureaucratic madness if this is true.

Richard Spencer, Rounds Hill, Kenilworth