Roads are far more dangerous

Joshua Payne (letters, November 28) guesses wrongly about local opinion of the new cycle path for Abbey Fields. We do not need to guess, because the results of the recent consultation show a clear mandate to build it.

He then guesses that professional highways-planners will not be able to solve the problems of safe installation of the cycle path, which shows he knows nothing about highways engineering. Since he pretends to be so concerned about safety, why does he have nothing at all to say about the safety of those who ride a bike?

After all, the risk of a truly dreadful accident is far worse for a cyclist on the road with lorries and buses of Abbey Hill than that of a pedestrian on a cycle path.

We already have the Berkswell part of the path, with its mixed-use of cyclists, walkers and even dogs on elastic leads, to demonstrate that it can work safely.

Tom Walton, Lower Ladyes Hills, Kenilworth