Pound proposal demotes our past

It was good to read in last week’s paper that work in the Pound was going ahead and we must appreciate the effort that the Civic Society has put into it.

But in one major way I feel that the fundamental aim of those of us who first raised the issue (when there was the suggestion by Warwick District Council that it be sold off) looks as it if is not to be realised.

When the Civic Society asked four local historians how the Pound should be restored we were unanimous in our proposal that it be first and foremost kept in its historic form as a simple, grassy space with some paving set round a bench.

Our plan was overridden so we withdrew from the project, though two of us had raised over £1,000 towards it.

We now read that it is to be a ‘memorial garden’ and I wonder both what it is in memory of and also that it is to be a garden.

I fear that instead of it being seen as the historic Pound it will be seen as ‘the garden where the Pound used to be’.

This abuse of historical sites by ‘development’ is to be resisted; the over-gentrification of the Abbey Fields is another such case.

The Pound is unique; but a small garden, however attractive as a meeting place, demotes our past - our town’s outstanding characteristic.

I suggest that your readers Google ‘pinfold’ to see how other villages have retained theirs sympathetically and appropriately.

What next? Opening up an air raid shelter as a tea room?

Peter James, via email