Parks not suitable for cycle paths

I should like to add my support to your contributor (letters, November 28) regarding the potential dangers of a cycle route through Abbey Fields. I can well imagine that the environmental lobby may be very upset by any suggestion that this should be diverted.

I am sure that there are many lovely, considerate cyclists out there but having been nearly run over on many an occasion in various cities both here and abroad where cycle routes have been promoted, I am very doubtful about the suitability of a cycle route being put anywhere near a children’s playground or next to paths in parks used by pedestrians.

Cycling is fine in itself but many cyclists have absolutely no consideration for others. I blame the Olympics myself! Cycling sadly has become a fashion and possibly now attracts the same sort of people who drive their cars inconsiderately for the rest of the week.

They ride extremely fast and there is a danger not only to kiddies who may have strayed off from their parents but also to daft older people like myself who cannot work out where they are supposed to be walking and who cannot hear the bicycle bells and loud oaths of those on bikes bearing down upon them.

Visitors to Kenilworth will also be disadvantaged as they will be least likely to know how or where to jump out of the way.

Given that our public services are so starved of cash the markings on the pathways and the directions will soon deteriorate, adding to the dangers. I have found this in a number of UK cities I have visited and where I have been nearly run over.

This is not a sensible idea. I’m sure those driving this project must have the best interests of us all at heart. Anyone would think that there is to be an election next year.

What is wrong with cycling a few more yards, avoiding the park and going a bit further round? It will do the cyclists good!

C. E. Rhodes, via email