Not everyone agrees on fair

I am pleased that police Sgt David Kettle thinks that the recent horse fair was a success (KWN last week). Would he please like to come over and explain to my 10-year old-daughter what a success it was after one of her pedigree Southdown lambs went missing?

She had three in-lamb Southdown ewes as a Christmas present, and was hopefully going to show the lambs at the Kenilworth Show. However during the weekend of the horse fair the biggest and best of her lambs went missing. With traces of wool in the field we can only presume that it was caught by dogs and taken. She already worries every time the horse fair comes to town, and this has now upset her even more.

While he’s here he could explain why these travellers are still allowed to race up and down the high street in their horse and carts? The police said before hand that they would stop this. To cap it all I get caught by a speed camera on Beehive Hill. I guess I should have been on a horse and cart, would have probably got away with it then.

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