Not a threat but an improvement

J. Payne’s suggestion that the hard-won cycling facility for Abbey Fields is a threat to the play area is most unjustified. There is no plan to run the track between the two parts of the play area, and the town council’s idea is to create the track from Bridge Street, along the brook to the swimming pool, and then onward to the Castle Farm cycle track with a separate route, segregated from the footpath. This is a perfectly sound idea, and causes no conflict with safety of the children.

The Greenway Project and National Cycle Route 52 are a superb new public amenity for the town, far more important than any other civic projects for many years. The popularity of the Greenway may be easily verified simply by walking or cycling along it. Sixty three percent of respondents to the Greenway survey say they use it for cycling ( Compared to the usual local-authority preoccupations (council offices, artificial lakes, tubs of petunias) this project is of real practical and enjoyable use to a great many citizens.

It is not a threat to safety, but rather a large improvement, since children of many ages ride bicycles. Study the 2012 consultation Mr Payne: you will finds that a good majority supported the provision of a cycle-track in Abbey Fields. This park is for the benefit of all people in the town; the exclusion of those of us that enjoy the pursuit of recreational cycling is an injustice that is overdue for correction.

Rod Coleman, The Close, Kenilworth