Independent voice on the council

At a recent public meeting I was surprised to hear that a resident was interested in standing as an Independent councillor but was advised that he needed to join a political party.

I assured the gentleman that this was not the case and that he was fully entitled to stand as an Independent candidate. Indeed, he would be made very welcome by our group at Warwick District Council.

As Independents we are not constrained by party policy or whipped votes and are always able to speak and vote according to our consciences and fully represent our constituents on the various committees and in the council chamber. Currently we are seven in number and have an influence on decisions at WDC.

Many people believe that delivering good quality local services should not be a party political issue. The Local Government slogan is “Stand for what you believe in. Be a councillor”.

If anyone is like-­minded, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our group leader is Cllr Bertie MacKay on 02476 301976 and our deputy group leader is Cllr Judith Falp on 01926 312428.

Cllr Linda Bromley, Warwick District Council, Warwick South