I wish you all a happy Christmas

May I take this opportunity to wish all Kenilworth residents a very Merry Christmas.

I think we should all remember that Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Christ. This sometimes seems to be forgotten in the “retail hurricane” that now starts ridiculously early. One Kenilworth shop started selling mince pies in September!

Christmas is also a time when we try to catch up with family and friends. Whether by sending cards, emails, or that increasingly rare thing, a phone call! It seems that with the cost of postage now staggeringly high we are at least fortunate that in Kenilworth we are able to take advantage of the Scout and Guide delivery service, which enables the sending of a card within Kenilworth for 25p.

I was pleased to take part in the Christmas lights switch on ceremonies in Warwick Road and High Street. With record turnouts at both events, particularly pleasing was the large number of visitors from other towns in the district and indeed Coventry. Both these events showed Kenilworth at its best and I would like to thank all those who organised them and took part.

This year the town has held a series of events commemorating World War One. It cannot be lost on anyone, that even during that dreadful conflict, the power of Christmas intervened with both sides finding it in their hearts to sing Christmas carols, leave the trenches and play football.

I hope that everyone will experience that same level of goodwill and friendship and have a truly happy Christmas.

Cllr John Cooke, Mayor of Kenilworth