I wish to get as far away as possible from HS2

Perhaps nudged by some caustic criticism of late, Jeremy Wright has spoken of HS2.

Mr Wright has a notorious back catalogue of carefully crafted phrases to which he has now added “solve a lot of problems facing a lot of people” and “clearly deserving cases”.

Much like the rest of his verbiage these say little and mean even less. He now asks for “imaginative thinking to give something back”.

Well Jeremy, a few minor tweaks will not solve “a lot of people’s problems” and there’s very little imagination needed to see what needs to be given back - the freedom for every homeowner to sell within the blighted parish of Burton Green and to do so without having to second guess what peevish preconditions those sly operators in London may impose and at full unblighted market value.

There is also the small issue of having had nearly five years living under a hugely depressing cloud, knowing that the woods and fields a few of us have walked since childhood will soon be destroyed. I am sure I am far from alone on wishing to get as far away from HS2 and Burton Green as possible. Chance would be a fine thing.

You’ve only got a few months to pull this round Jeremy, see you at the ballot box. But for now, the meek compliant folk of middle England continue to lodge their timid protest according to the politicians’ own rule book and will doubtless be treated accordingly.

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