I fear for my safety at night

I’m aware that I’m probably flogging a dead horse, but I am extremely concerned about the sheer lack of lighting on the streets of Leamington past 11pm. I currently work until the early hours of the morning and have to walk back each morning when my shift is over (around 3 or 4am). The lighting is okay until I reach Forfield Place and Russell Terrace.

On several occasions I have had to run home because of shady characters hanging around, or seeming to follow me home, which is extremely unnerving since I have no one to walk me home and cannot afford a taxi each time. I literally feel that I have to run back to be safe. As a young female, I am extremely worried about this and my safety, particularly after reading lots of instances and talking to other women who have had similar experiences.

I hope this is something that the local authority will take as a serious issue. It’s not just the above locations, but other non-main streets.

I don’t want other women to feel that they too can’t walk through the streets at night. Lighting helps to prevent crime. I don’t want to be an unnecessary victim.

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