I agree, candidates should be clear

I agree wholeheartedly with what Brian Nicol wrote in last week’s KWN. Election candidates should make it clear:

a) from where they draw their motivation and the spiritual/religious/moral basis for their conscience (in my case as a Christian);

b) their position on various social issues which are or would be subject to a Free Vote in the House of Commons. These include matters like abortion, assisted dying/suicide, capital punishment, equal marriage, hunting and the so-called Three Parent Babies Bill. Several constituents have already raised these issues with me so I know they’re important!

c) what organisations they are members of, like the Institute of Directors (which I am as required for my work), the Freemasons (which I am not) or Round Table (which I was until about eight years ago).

Richard Dickson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Kenilworth & Southam