HS2: Why is our MP sitting on the fence?

Whatever your view is on the high speed rail project the bottom line will be severe disruption to our town with no gain.

Recently this paper printed an article regarding the closure of the Kenilworth Road into Coventry for water works. This has been delayed as when combined with other work further on the disruption would be great. However when it does take place the main bus and traffic route will be cut giving a major headache to all who travel that way.

Move forward to HS2. All the routes to Coventry will be cut. The route crosses the A46, Dalehouse Lane , the Old Warwick Rd and the Kenilworth road etc. These closures will be for months not just a few weeks and make Kenilworth an island like Tewkesbury in the floods.

The excellent group who have just presented our case to the Parliamentary committee have done a great job and young Alex Rukin made the national papers. However where was our MP?

His constituency will be cut in half and is arguably the worst effected on the route but all he could do was nod in the background. Why is he not leading from the front instead of sitting on the fence??

For our area this is a most contentious concern above most other issues and our local MP has, so far as I am aware, failed dismally to raise his head above the parapet to support our future.

Should be interesting on the hustings in May!

K. Turfrey, via email