How on earth will Kenilworth cope?

I read in the KWN that planning permissions are likely to get the go ahead for building homes on green belt around Kenilworth.

Given that the government has relaxed legislation allowing, for when needed, housing to encroach the green belt, it appears to me that our local planners and housing developers are simply taking it as a given they can do what ever they like with our green belt.

Given 750 new homes on green belt will inevitably mean on average two cars per house - 1,500 more cars in the town. We already have gridlock in the town centre, housing estates are increasingly becoming rat runs for drivers seeking to avoid the town centre and yet the council does nothing to introduce traffic calming schemes. How on earth will Kenilworth cope?

Amazingly, planning applications for new homes only have to allow for one car parking place per house. The principle being, house owners will only have one car if they only have parking for one car. We all know what a load of rubbish that is.

Also, I read in the article, the provision of a community police office will be included in the plans. We used to have a police station. That was closed against public opinion and here as part of the planning process we are being offered the possibility of bringing the police back. Ridiculous.

My message to the district council planners is Kenilworth simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to grow any larger!

Funny isn’t it? We had a railway station, the planners allowed houses to be build on the old site, now the town is to get a station back, a local business has to make way for a station building. Perhaps our planners should be a little more forward thinking rather than simply reactive!

Richard Spencer, Rounds Hill, Kenilworth.