Don’t just build - think differently

I don’t believe Kenilworth has got off lightly, because if people look and I mean look, they will see that development in Kenilworth has been ongoing. Lots of brown belt areas have been built on and lots of new retirement homes have been built.

If the infrastructure in Kenilworth is left as it is, the town will come to a grinding halt. Birches Lane currently can take you 20 minutes to pull out from in the morning and this is only going to get worse. It does not take much for the main high street to come to a grinding halt. Doctors and dentists are almost impossible to get into and the local schools are bursting at the seems.

To build on recreational areas when kids are already not getting enough exercise is scandalous. To take this away from this side of town would leave nothing for the hundreds of children that live in the housing estate that is currently there. We could do with a park by the football ground that all the public could use, not more housing, forcing more children to live in an area with nothing to do. Abbey Fields is too far away for little ones, unless you use the car. Kids need to run free in a safe environment. We will be forced to live in a polluted town full of tarmac.

Building onto existing towns is an easy option for planners. Start to think out of the box, build a new town, get your brain working, see it as a challenge. Look at existing brown areas, redevelop run down communities. Don’t just build out and hope the centre looks after itself. Provide communities with better infrastructure put the ground work in, create a sound foundation and build from there. Be someone else and make a difference. We are not battery hens.

Rachel Morgan, via email