Do you know origin of names?

In conjunction with its original author, Dr Geoff Hilton, I am currently re-researching his book ‘A Portrait of Kenilworth in Street-Names’, recording the origin of the names of every street in town, with a view to publishing a third and final edition later this year. It will include a great deal more information than Geoff had at his disposal ten or more years ago for the earlier editions.

However, there are several road names that have drawn a blank and this is an appeal to KWN readers for help.

The first is Moseley Road, originating in 1926; it is possibly named after a Kenilworth family, or perhaps the developer had a connection with the place Moseley, but does anyone have any factual information?

The second is Jordan Close; at the moment research has failed to find any connection with the site or a Kenilworth person with that name; was it in some way connected to the developers Ashworth & Stewart?

And finally, Winn Close; I know that this is a Kenilworth family but I am trying to contact a family member, or perhaps acquaintances, for a few biographical details, can anyone help? Needless to say, any information used will be fully credited in the book when published.

I can be contacted on 01926 511612, or I am sure that Hannah at the KWN will pass on any messages.

With grateful thanks for any help.

Robin D Leach, Arthur Street, Kenilworth