Disappointed by lacklustre efforts

I wonder if you have had any comments about the abysmal effort made for our Christmas lights in Kenilworth this year?

My husband and I were unable to go to the switching on ceremony but hear that all we missed was a lot of loud music with little to do with Christmas, and plenty of fast food. We have found that to be the case in the past so were not too worried at having to miss the event this year.

However, we decided to go for a ride along Warwick Road a day or so later to see the lights. Well! The lights attached to lamp posts are hardly visible with the competition from the street lamps and car headlights and the Christmas tree by the clock tower is leaning precariously to one side. Was nobody able to see that the tree was leaning when it was installed?

Also, the lights on that Christmas tree, being the white LEDs, are hardly visible until you are very close to the tree and look most unattractive hung vertically as they are. What happened to taking a bit of time to dress the Christmas tree and arrange the lights across its branches?

The roundabout near the clock tower is also disappointing with just one tree trunk decorated. The lovely lights hang in the trees near the library where few people can see them and, of course, in High Street where it appears Christmas has actually felt like visiting!

My suggestions for future years would be to hang simple white light bulbs across the street in Warwick Road and make the roundabout by the clock tower the main focus with white lights in the trees, and dress the Christmas tree by the clock tower as if it means something to the town.

For the switching on ceremony I feel that we should support the local businesses who could lay on punch, snacks etc much as the Almanack does, and give visiting fast food people a miss for one night. Could we not have “Christmas Carols being sung by a choir” as it says in the song, perhaps by the Salvation Army, and suggest that any music played by the visiting DJ etc is Christmassy and appeals to ALL ages.

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