Consider animal welfare

The badger cull might not be at the front of people’s minds when they cast their vote at the forthcoming General Election. To me it represents the bad policy making that we have endured for the last five years. The cull, which has no public or scientific support, is designed purely to appease the vested interests of the farmers and the landowners, just as economic policies have appeased the bankers and stockbrokers and health and social care reforms are putting public funds into private companies’ bank accounts.

At the same time, the government has been deliberately culling the means of support of many disadvantaged and disabled people. This has had the same kind of social perturbation effects as the pointless killing of helpless badgers, forcing numerous people into homelessness and dependence on food banks and other forms of charity.

A future Tory government is also likely to restore fox hunting despite a majority of people being strongly opposed to it. Our current MP Jeremy Wright is reported to be one who would vote to repeal the current anti-hunting laws. In correspondence with me he has certainly defended the badger cull.

A determination to be cruel to disempowered animals and people alike surely comes from the same mean-spirited, “nasty party” mind set, which right thinking people should think carefully about before giving it their support.

Chris Payne, Ashfield Road, Kenilworth