Come and join Castle High School reunion

The development of Castle High School and its grounds has gone largely under the radar but deep in Wales word got around to a former pupil, Paul Kennelly and he had the forethought to set up a Facebook group page.

A lot of us use social media nowadays and within weeks membership had grown significantly (currently 147) and it is an invaluable treasure trove for former pupils. An early contributor was Jacqui Atkins and the photos she posted should have given us a clue as to her heritage as the daughter of much loved headmaster Mr Jeremy.

Surprisingly, some teachers have remained popular over the generations particularly English teacher, Vera Williams (thanks to her daughter Janet Adsis) and music teacher Dot Wilde, who I understand is still alive and lives in Kenilworth.

Such was the growth of the group, that the idea of a reunion was floated and that will take place at the Green Man in Kenilworth on May 18. Anyone connected with the school - even teachers - are welcome to attend and we hope to meet outside the school gates prior to the reunion.

Don’t worry, this won’t be a protest against the closure and redevelopment - we’re all too old for that. This we hope is just the start of putting Castle High School back on the map before it is lost forever.

The Facebook page is a public group and is for anyone who has memories of, attended as a pupil or taught at Castle High School, also known as Castle End High School, Kenilworth.

Ian Oakley, via email