Charity shops add value to our high street

Maybe those who complain about the number of charity shops should consider the positives about these shops.

The income from these shops raises much needed money for worthwhile causes; they provide an outlet for recycling goods; they provide goods at reasonable prices- not everyone can afford to buy clothes, books etc from High Street shops; volunteers in the shops enjoy helping charities and it is an opportunity to socialise.

I have met those who specifically come to our town to visit the nice charity shops in Kenilworth. Often these visitors will pop into a café for a drink or look in other shops, so Kenilworth’s footfall is increased by the charity shops. Without charities taking over some shops, they would remain empty.

I agree that, when possible, we should be encouraged to support our local traders, but surely none of them were naïve enough to open businesses without realising there would be competition from others.

So, therefore, instead of complaining about charity shops we should think about the good they do!

Lesley O’Connor, Suncliffe Drive, Kenilworth