Bonkers access will cause chaos

The Crackley development has the most bonkers access point imaginable which will create severe congestion and increase flooding for many Kenilworth residents.

I read that the proposed traffic lights will “detect traffic buildup and change accordingly”?

So when traffic blocks up Dalehouse Lane, preventing your access to the rest of Kenilworth, you can take comfort in knowing that the cause of it all has detected your frustration, but decided to stay on red for longer because the traffic blocking up Coventry Road is even worse!

The drainage is a minimum effort, will not be effective and heaps more misery on local residents stung by the November 2012 Finham flood.

Most of the proposed new houses will have their gardens tarmac’ed over within a year (which they will), further worsening flooding.

Please name and shame the inept councillors who approved this.

Neil Mcnab, Northvale Close, Kenilworth