Bad omen for new housing estate

I set out to go to Leamington on Sunday afternoon but found myself in a traffic jam from the Clock Tower to St John’s church, where a notice informed me that due to the Horse Fair, traffic had been diverted down Warwick Road to Leek Wootton. I therefore went to Leamington via Warwick.

The Horse Fair has been coming to Kenilworth for years but this is the first time I have known it to cause the closure of the Leamington Road. Whatever is going to happen if the plan to build a housing estate on Thickthorn goes ahead? It will result in hundreds of cars on a daily basis trying to access and leave this estate. I hope it would not mean the permanent closure of Leamington Road as the decision to close it just on Sunday afternoon caused mayhem through the whole of the town centre.

Irene Cox, Woodcote Avenue, Kenilworth