A chance to make change happen

This year’s General Election is the most important in a generation. We’re at a pivotal crossroads and the choice is simple. Does the country continue its slide backwards blindly drinking the elixir of past glories, or do we help deliver a new age of enlightenment which future generations will remember us proudly for?

Much has already been said about the disillusionment of current times. Faith in many of our institutions, politics, the media, and the economy is at an all time low. For too many people, too little is either working as it should or is believable. It’s all creating an electoral appetite for change and authenticity that fringe parties are able to exploit.

Throughout the country, including the Kenilworth and Southam constituency, too many people are suffering under today’s ‘cost of living crisis’. This prolonged period of economic stagnation is the financial reality for most people now.

Real wages are depressed; still below the levels of 2008. Too many new jobs are low paid, and productivity growth is historically weak endangering our nation’s long term prospects even further.

The policy response required to end this period of sustained economic stagnation is radical. And it’s only Labour’s agenda for change that can meet the challenge ahead of us. With a Labour government there’ll be more investment and localised finance streams to boost growth, we’ll embark on a programme of decentralisation to bring opportunities to all of the UK, and we’ll challenge those dysfunctional private markets which affect us all.

In his new year’s message Ed Miliband explained: “As this new year dawns, we have the chance to change direction; a chance to build a recovery for all of Britain … This year, we have the power to bring about the change working families all over Britain need. This isn’t about idle dreams or empty promises. It’s about a real, concrete plan: a plan for a recovery which reaches your kitchen table.”

Ed’s message underlines the real chance we have to create a new positive history for Britain in 2015. So let’s do all we can to make this change happen – we owe it to our future generations.

Cllr Bally Singh, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Kenilworth and Southam